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Dr. Howard Reeve
Dr. Howard Reeve

Trinity Health Occupational Medicine - Ready to work for your company today!

Dr. Howard Reeve is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has practiced in Occupational Medicine for over 15 years, making him one of the region’s most experienced Occupational Physicians. Dr. Reeve stays current in his field by obtaining 15 to 20 hours of continuing medical education in Occupational Medicine.

In addition, Trinity has a full complement of Board Certified physicians including, but not limited: to Orthopedics, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery. With satellite offices throughout the territory, help for your company is never too far away. Add to that the capabilities of Trinity’s NorthStar CriticAir helicopter, always at the ready for when speed and time are of the essence.

Trinity's CriticAir Helicopter landingFrom on-the-job emergency services, to follow-up care and additional access to a broad range of services, Trinity Health’s network of providers offers the complete package for your business under one banner.

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