Services Offered

Respiratory Clearance

Worker OSHA requires a Respiratory Exam for those employees whose job duties require the use of a respiratory device from time to time in order to protect his or her lungs from exposure to chemicals or particulate matter. Employees need to complete the OSHA respirator questionnaire to ensure the proper use of the respiratory device. Based on this information, direction will be given for your employees as to the type of respiratory device that can be used, as well as the duration and physical work performed while wearing that device. The signed clearance letter will then be made available to the employer in compliance with the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard.

Respiratory fit testing also may be necessary for employees who need to wear a respirator while on the job. Contact us to schedule qualitative or quantitative fit testing.

Spyrometry testing, also known as the Pulmonary Fit Test (PFT), provides information about an employee's lung volume capacity as it relates to the use of respirators. It can be completed at our Minot and Williston clinics.