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Hearing Testing

Hearing or Audiometric Testing is required by the OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure standard for all employees who work in an environment where the time weighted average of noise is greater than 85 dBA.

Employees should be given a baseline audiogram upon initial hiring, with audiograms given annually thereafter. The annual test is compared to the employee's baseline to determine if hearing loss is occurring beyond the expected standard threshold shift. Trinity Health Occupational Medicine utilizes the latest technology to conduct the hearing testing with a certified occupational hearing conservationist. Audiograms can be conducted at our Minot or Williston locations.

In work environments with high noise volumes, it also is recommended that employees wear hearing protection. Trinity’s Audiology department offers hearing protection such as ear plugs and personalized ear plugs.

Vision Screen Machine

Vision Testing

20/40 vision is required for DOT certification. Generally, employer physical profiles require visual acuity, peripheral vision and color blindness assessment. Vision testing can be conducted at our clinics in Minot, Williston, New Town, Garrison, Kenmare, Mohall, Westhope and Velva.

Safety glasses and other protective eyewear are available at the following two locations:

Trinity Regional Eyecare - Western Dakota
1321 W. Dakota Parkway
Williston, ND 58801
Vision Galleria
3015 16th St SW
Minot, ND 58701