Services Offered

Drug Screening

Testing Lab

Our Medical Director, Howard Reeve, MD, is a Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). With Trinity’s network of rural clinics, we provide easily accessible drug screen collection and local expertise in the interpretation of positive or questionable drug screen results. The staff is trained to strictly follow Federal Regulations and Chain of Custody collection procedures for non-DOT as well as DOT urine drug screens.

Drug screens can be completed at our clinics in Minot, Williston, Garrison, Kenmare, Mohall, New Town, Velva, and Westhope.

Alcohol Testing

Breath alcohol testing (BAT) by certified testers is available at our Minot and Williston locations.

Typical reasons for employers to implement drug testing and screening programs are:

  • To comply with Federal regulations (i.e. the Department of Transportation).
  • To match other employer efforts, and to minimize the chance of hiring employees who may be users or abusers.
  • To reinforce the company position on "no drug use".
  • To identify current users and abusers and refer them for assistance.
  • To establish grounds for discipline or dismissal.
  • To improve safety.
  • To convince "casual users" that the cost of using is too high.
  • To deter "recreational" drug use that could lead to addiction.
  • To reduce the costs of alcohol and other drug abuse in the workplace.
  • To give recovering users another reason to stay sober (relapse prevention).