In Minot, North Dakota there is a place of comfort and compassion.

The dedicated staff members of Trinity Homes provide 24-hour care in a contemporary home-like environment for people for people recovering from surgery, for individuals seeking rehabilitation after an injury or illness, and for those who require assistance in their daily care.

Since 1948 Trinity Homes is a place "Dedicated to the Glory of God and the Care of His People" where families gather together, friendships renewed, and a helping hand is always nearby.


When you enter Trinity Homes from your own home or apartment, our Admissions Coordinator will meet with you and your family and assist you in the necessary arrangements. Learn More About the Admissions Process

Making Our Home, Your Home:

The Activity staff will assist residents in establishing an individual email address only when the resident can monitor it independently.

eMail a Resident

Computers with Internet accessibility are available for residents' use on each floor and area. There is also a "Guest" network with wireless access for personal laptops which can be used throughout the facility by typing in a password. Ask a staff member to contact the Information Technology (IT) department for the current password for wireless Internet access.

Individual email:

The Activity staff will assist residents in establishing an individual email address only when the resident can monitor it independently.

Assisted email:

If the resident needs continual assistance, then a group email address will be used: trinity.resident@gmail.com. When families or friends send email to this address, we request the residents' first first and last name be typed in the subject field so it can be delivered to your loved one.

  • News: Trinity Health Auxiliary Provides a High-Tech Sound System for Trinity Homes Events

    Trinity Homes has no plans to host any future American Idol auditions, but it’s probably capable of doing so if the invitation ever comes its way. Thanks to the Trinity Health Auxiliary, the Homes’ 3rd Floor Centre now boasts a high-tech sound system ideally suited to hosting entertainment events, educational forums and in-house gatherings.

    “It involved a complete redoing of the system to facilitate both audio and video presentations as well as full karaoke capability,” Chaplain Luther Hanson noted.

    The need for a new system was related to a number of factors. The previous system was outdated and deteriorating rapidly, according to Hanson. Moreover, Trinity Homes’ staff is very successful when it comes to scheduling a steady stream of musicians and entertainers to enliven the daily doings of residents.

    “We had musicians and school groups coming in with their CDs and MP3 players and we had a hard time accommodating them,” Luther said. “Now we can take what they bring in and plug it into our system."

    Professionals from Northwest Projector designed the system, which features six major stereo speakers and 10 additional ceiling speakers to provide even coverage for speech and musical production; two audio/video decks to accommodate CD, DVD and VHS tapes; a mixer table with 14 microphone ports; and a 96-inch screen to support PowerPoint visuals.

    “We have the screen hooked up to a TV receiver so that we can show movies or download football games for residents,” Luther added.
    He says the new system was installed with the acoustic settings adjusted in such a way as to adapt perfectly to the Centre itself. “They basically tuned the room,” Luther said. “No longer do we have any hot spots or dead zones.”

    The true test came after one of the first uses of the system. A resident who consistently had a hard time hearing no matter where she placed herself in the room came up to Luther after a service to gave her critique. “I was a little nervous,” he laughed. “Everything was put in and finished, so I’m not sure what we could have done at that point. But she said that with the new system she could hear everything. I was very relieved.”