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Women's Health

Total Health Care for Women – Trinity Health is proud to announce the "birth" of the Women's Health Center. The Women's Health Center represents a new era in women's health care - a consolidation and expansion of physician, hospital, and educational services focused solely on the diverse health needs of women.

The Women's Health Center is committed to helping women of all ages meet their total health care needs, from physical and psychological health to wellness and preventative medicine.

We bring together physicians, nurses, counselors, technicians, lab services and other providers to help you through your medical concerns and serve as your health resource for life.

Digital Mammography

Trinity Health is proud to be the first breast image center in North Dakota to offer digital mammography. Research has shown that digital mammography does a better job of detecting tumors in younger women and women with dense-tissue breasts. It’s the most advanced technology available for screening mammograms – the first line of defense against breast cancer.

Benefits of Trinity's MAMMOMAT Novation digital mammography system:

Lowest Radiation: reduces radiation dose by more than 40%

Increased Patient Comfort: flexible paddles and a patented technique senses breast thickness for a more comfortable compression

Increased Detection: Helps increase cancer detection rates with Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) markers

Largest Detector in the Industry: Allows imaging of almost all breast sizes

Increased Detection of small and low contrast tumors

Breast Cancer Screening Information

Free information on breast cancer detection and treatment. Call CancerCare Center: (701) 857-3535. Or email us a message with your mailing address.

Women's Health Services Include:

Routine physical exams
Mammography screening to detect and prevent breast cancer
Birth control options
Planning and preparing for your baby's birth
Prenatal and postnatal care, including high risk pregnancies
Menopause and other hormonal treatments
Bone density screening to diagnose and treat osteoporosis

Education and Wellness

At Trinity Women's Health Center, we know patient education as essential to optimal health care. An informed patient takes better care of herself and those who depend on her. Educational resources are now being consolidated, expanded and targeted to those women who will benefit most: teenagers, mothers-to-be and new moms, active women, women with special medical problems, women experiencing menopause, and more.

 Providers in this field:
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Gloria Berg CNM

A certified nurse midwife, has a master's degree in nursing from Case Western University in Clevelan --More--

Kerena Crowe MSN CNM

Trinity Health is pleased to welcome Kerena Crowe, MSN, CNM, to our team of women's healthcare --More--

Erica Riordan MSN, CNM

A certified nurse midwife, Erica Riordan, MSN, CNM, provides general obstetric and gynecological car --More--