Rehabilitation & Therapy:
Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy can be defined as a health profession involved in the evaluation, prevention and treatment of physical dysfunction that may arise from disease, injury, or illness. Physical therapists at Trinity Health work in the acute care hospital, rehabilitation hospital, and outpatient physical therapy and sports medicine departments. Trinity physical therapists also perform home health visits for homebound patients and travel to outreach sites outside of the Minot community. Our physical therapists use a variety of physical means to help patients maximize their function including heat, ice, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise.

  • Some of the dysfunctions physical therapists may help with include:

    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Spinal Cord Injuries
    Urinary Incontinence
    Venous Insufficiency
    Chronic wounds

    Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions:

    Plantar Fasciitis
    Back Pain
    Neck Pain
    Postural dysfunctions
    Abnormal biomechanics
    Overuse injuries
    Tennis or Golfer's Elbow

    Post Surgical Patients:

    Total Knee Replacements
    Total Hip Replacements
    Rotator Cuff Repairs
    Anterior Cruciate Ligament


  • Inpatient Therapy

    A staff of physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and physical therapy aides work together to provide care to patients of all ages in the hospital. These patients may have had a recent surgery or could be recovering from a serious illness. Our physical therapy staff works in coordination with the other healthcare team members to provide quality care and to maximize the patient's function and independence. Read More

  • Outpatient Therapy

    Trinity's Outpatient Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine department, located on first floor of Trinity Health Center–West, is a growing dynamic department of physical therapists who treat patients of all ages and provide all outpatient physical therapy services from one convenient location in Minot. This team of physical therapists strive to meet the goals of all patients working together with other members of Trinity's healthcare team including athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, and the orthopedic physicians located next door in Orthopedic Associates. Learn More

  • Pediatric Therapy

    Trinity's pediatric therapists treat clients from immediately after birth up to 21 years of age. These clients may have a variety of difficulties with mobility, fine gross motor skills, sensory integration, and eating disorders. Our pediatric physical therapist and occupational therapist treat the child individually or as a team to improve the child's quality of life. Learn More

  • Meet Our Team

    The physical therapists and physical therapist assistants at Trinity Health have been developing a strong tradition of working together to meet the needs of patients of all ages. The highly trained staff works at improving their skills by having weekly staff development in-services and by development of yearly education goals. Our physical therapists take great pride in their work and strive to learn and utilize the best techniques in rehabilitation of patients of all ages.