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School of Radiologic Technology

The Mission of Trinity Hospital School of Radiologic Technology is to provide quality education in the art and science of radiologic technology. The program is designed to prepare knowledgeable entry-level radiographers and graduate competent professionals who are ready to demonstrate high clinical and technical competence in serving their patients, the healthcare community and the profession.

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: To graduate students that possess effective verbal and written communication skills.

Student Learning Outcome 1.1:
Students will demonstrate effective patient communication skills.
Student Learning Outcome 1.2:
Students will demonstrate effective communication with radiology personnel.
Student Learning Outcome 1.3:
Students will demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills related to the performance of Radiologic exams.

Goal 2: To graduate students that can apply critical thinking skills to professional practice.

Student Learning Outcome 2.1:
Students will exhibit necessary critical thinking skills in the performance of patient exams.
Student Learning Outcome 2.2:
Students will demonstrate the ability to critically think in the classroom setting.

Goal 3: To graduate students that are clinically competent, entry level radiographers.

Student Learning Outcome 3.1:
Students will produce images exhibiting accurate and acceptable radiographic quality.
Student Learning Outcome 3.2:
To graduate students with entry level employment skills.

Goal 4: To graduate students who exhibit ethical and professional behaviors.

Student Learning Outcome 4.1:
Students will behave in a professional manner.
Student Learning Outcome 4.2:
Students will behave in an ethical manner.

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