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Medical Services: Foot & Ankle (Podiatry)

Podiatrists specialize in medical care of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They must have a doctor of podiatric medicine (D.P.M.) degree from a college of podiatric medicine. Podiatrists are sometimes referred to as foot doctors, foot and ankle surgeons, or podiatric surgeons. They must pass written and oral board examinations and must obtain a state license to practice podiatric medicine

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 Physicians in this field:
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Aaron Albers DPM

A specialist in Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Aaron Albers provides surgical and nonsurgical treatment for --More--

Ashley Evanoff DPM

Dr. Evanoff provides surgical and nonsurgical treatment for the full range of foot and ankle disord --More--

Roger Racz DPM

Trinity Health is pleased to introduce Roger S. Racz, DPM, in the specialty of Podiatric Medicine. --More--

Tyson Williams DPM

Dr. Williams is a podiatrist who offers conservative and surgical treatments for foot and ankle diso --More--