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Whether you’re thinking about starting your family soon or just sometime in the future, you can start preparing now.

Since your baby will be special, there are many things you won’t want to leave to chance. Childbirth today offers a variety of options to explore, and planning for your pregnancy enhances what is sure to be one to the most joyous experiences of a lifetime.

Family Birth Center Tours

You are invited to attend a formal group tour/education/question and answer session at Trinity Hospital’s Family Birth Center. The Birth Center has scheduled them twice a week with one during the day, one in the evening and alternate with one on the weekend. This opportunity allows every expectant mother to hear and see the same information in a friendly environment. We will also provide information including on self-care, infant safety and what to really expect during your delivery.

There is no charge for this visit and no appointments are necessary.
The tour will be held at:
Family Birth Center, Trinity Hospital
One Burdick Expressway West, Minot, ND 58701

Options to Explore

Much of our age-old wisdom about childbirth is still valid today. But when it comes to delivering healthy babies, the role of modern technology and skill can be critical. Trinity Hospital’s Family Birth Center offers the best of both worlds with warm, homelike birthing rooms combined with advance care available at a moment’s notice. Our wide range of birthing options gives women more choices than ever before.

Your Birth Plan

No one can predict exactly what your baby’s birth will be like, but most women have some idea of what they hope will happen. One of the best ways to learn about labor and delivery is to develop a birth plan. A birth plan is a way for you to communicate to the health care provider what you envision your birth experience to be like.

What a Birth Plan might include:

  • Who will be your support person?
  • Would you like to have music to help you relax?
  • What are your preferences as far as pain management is concerned?
    (Some women want their childbirth to be as quick and painless as possible, others want natural labor with minimal medical involvement.)

Your list of To-Do’s:

  • Start a baby file to store information on childbirth and parenting.
  • Start a list of questions you will want to ask your doctor.
  • Find an obstetrician or other physician that is right for you.
  • Check on Prepared Childbirth classes.

Whether it’s finding a Lamaze class or writing a birth plan, the labor & delivery nurses at Trinity can discuss you options and help you plan for your pregnancy. For information or to schedule a tour of the Family Birth Center, give us a call at 701-857-5380.

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