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Sometimes people are faced with problems they simply cannot overcome by themselves -depression, dependence on alcohol or drugs, or constant psychological troubles.

Trinity Health's behavioral health services is committed through preserving and improving the quality of health for the adult, child and families experiencing emotional or behavior disruption, adjustment difficulties, psychiatric illness and much more.

Spread over two campuses, behavioral health services includes outpatient and inpatient mental health services, addiction services, and child and adolescent partial hospitalization.

"We've got a tremendous interdisciplinary team of health professionals who work together and are committed to individualized care while at the same time striving to anticipate and exceed the needs of this region," said Heather Sys, RN, BSN, MBA, Director of Trinity's Behavioral Health Services.

    Inpatient mental health services

  • Located in Trinity Hospital-St. Joseph’s, 407-3rd St SE, the Inpatient Mental Health Unit is divided into adult and adolescent units. The unit serves a population of adults 18 and above, adolescents age 13 to 18 and children ages 4 to 12.

  • Primary diagnosis of adults who are admitted for inpatient needs, but are not limited to, include major depression, depressive disorders, schizophrenia and recurrent psychotic disorders

  • “We also treat patients with special needs - confused, demented, disoriented, aggressive, socially disruptive and dependent in daily cares or with multiple and or/severe mental illness,” Sys added.

  • Primary diagnoses for children and adolescents include, but are not limited to, adjustment disorder, mood disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder adjustment reaction with mix emotions and attention deficit with hyperactivity.

  • Primary therapeutic modalities for both the populations the Inpatient Mental Health Unit serves, but are not limited to, include individual, family and group therapy, psychological testing, case management and referral services, therapy and nursing care and education.

  • “We work collaboratively with other departments at Trinity such as physical and occupational therapy, pastoral care and dietary to assure a variety of care that meets all of our patients’ needs,” Sys explained

  • Sys also emphasized that psychosurgery and aversive, corporal punishment and fear eliciting therapies are not used as treatment modalities on the unit.

  • “The unit’s treatment team consists of the patient’s psychiatrist, licensed social workers, a master’s prepared counselor, a psychologist, nursing staff, activity therapist and others as deemed as appropriate on an individual basis,” Sys said. “Programming is offered based on a 24-hour day, seven-days a week basis with professional and nursing services being available 24-hours a day.”

  • For more information about Trinity’s inpatient mental health services, call 857-2360.

  • Outpatient mental health services

  • Located at Trinity Health Center-Riverside, 1900-8th Ave. SE, Trinity’s outpatient mental health services is an integrated hospital-based outpatient and community service clinic that offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, psychological testing, direct therapeutic intervention including skills groups, individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, psychiatric management and individualized programs based on the needs of patient.

  • “We provide mental health services to all age groups, ranging from young children (pre-school) to geriatric populations,” Sys explained. “Our interdisciplinary approach includes psychiatrists, a family nurse practitioner, master level therapists, a psychology technician, psychologists, a neuropsychologist, social workers, addiction specialists and chaplains. We also work with other departments at Trinity from social services to pastoral care to ensure continuum of care needs are met.”

  • To be specific, services offered at Health Center-Riverside include case management - social services and nursing, marriage counseling, family counseling, group therapy for children -social skills, anxiety group therapy, individual therapy, geriatric and child psychiatry, psych testing and interpretation, neuro psych testing , medication management, parenting classes and on-call psychiatry and therapist.

  • “Because our range of expertise is extensive, we also have the capability to provide additional types of support services to enhance the psychological well-being of our patients we serve in this region,” Sys added.

  • For more information about Trinity’s outpatient mental health services, call 857-5998.

  • Addiction Services

  • Located in Trinity Hospital-St. Joseph’s, Trinity Addiction Services is designed and staffed to care for individuals needing chemical dependency/substance abuse treatment. Populations treated range from adolescents ages 13 and older to adults.

  • “A full continuum of chemical dependency treatment services from medically supervised detox to low intensity aftercare programs are offered,” Sys explained. “Individuals referred for involvement in programs at Trinity Addiction Services will be screened to determine appropriate care.”

  • Once level of care decisions are made, Sys said that various assessment procedures will be utilized to establish and individualize a treatment plan that addresses the patient’s physical, psychological, educational and family environmental issues. Special attention is also placed on cultural, gender, age and special needs during the evaluation process.

  • “A multi-disciplinary treatment team composed of a psychiatrist/medical director, family nurse practitioner, clinical director, services coordinator, licensed social workers, licensed addiction counselors, family counselors, teachers, and registered and licensed practical nurses are the central staffing element to meet each patient’s needs,” Sys added.  “Nursing services are provided 24 hours per day and a licensed addiction counselor is on call seven days per week.”

  • In terms of treatment, Sys said this consists of both group therapy sessions and individual counseling.

  • “Central treatment themes are education of disease concept, establishment of a recovery centered lifestyle and relapse prevention,” Sys explained. “Family involvement is encouraged to support family healing, and the “12 Steps” principles are suggested as important alternative to lifestyle change.

  • Finally, discharge planning will encompass needs unmet during the primary treatment episode.

  • For more information about Trinity Addiction Services, call 857-2480.

  • Child and Adolescent Partial Hospitalization

  • Located in Trinity Health Center-3rd Street, 420-3rd St. SE, Minot, the Child and Adolescent Partial Hospitalization (CAPH) program, has a capacity of 10 patients.

  • Open to those ages 17 and under, the CAPH program is designed for children and adolescents face varied behavioral and emotional difficulties. The program itself is open Monday through Friday during daytime hours, and last from four to six weeks.

  • “Children are separated into age groups that appropriate for their level of understanding and functioning,” Sys said. “Patients participate in individual, group and family therapy as well as living and social skills group.”

  • According to Sys, the program is highly structured with basic, individualized teaching while incorporating a behavior modification program where children can relate their behavior to both negative and positive consequences.

  • “Many issues are covered including self-esteem, self-awareness, trust, self-control, anger management, social skills, emotion regulations, relaxation, coping skills, acceptance of authority, as other issues identified while the patients are in the CAPH program,” Sys explained.

  • As for types of therapy used, the CAPH program focuses on changing roles, responsibilities and attitudes.

  • “Patients learn to take responsibility for their behaviors,” Sys added.

  • Finally, just like the other behavioral health services Trinity offers, a multi-disciplinary team oversees the CAPH program to ensure patients’ needs are met.

  • For more information about the CAPH program, call 857-2715.

  • Trinity Hospital-St. Joseph's houses both in-patient mental health services along with addiction services.

    Trinity Health Center-Riverside, 1900-8th Ave. SE, houses outpatient mental health services. For more information about Trinity's outpatient mental health services, call 857-5998.

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