Medical Specialities:

Allergy & Immunology Care

Allergies are an overreaction of the immune system to substances in the environment called "allergens". Exposure to an apparently harmless substance, such as pollen causes the immune system of an allergy sufferer to react as if the substance is harmful.

Allergies can be of various types: indoor and outdoor allergies (also known as hay fever, seasonal, perennial or nasal allergies), food and drug allergies, latex allergies, insect allergies, skin allergies and eye allergies. Here is a vital, reassuring piece of allergy information: people that have allergies can live healthy and active lives like everyone else.

The study of the biomedical aspects of allergies and what causes them, what types of things people are allergic to, what cures there are for those allergies is - allergy immunology. Many people benefit from allergy immunology because many people suffer from allergies or allergy symptoms. We have a lot to be thankful for in terms of scientific discoveries when we are able to take a shot that lets us enjoy milk again or take a pill that stops hay fever. All of those cures are courtesy of the study of allergy immunology.