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Clinical Ladders

Trinity Hospital's Clinical Ladder Program was developed to provide opportunities for professional development to nurses and nursing staff (unit secretaries, CNAs, paramedics) who remain in a bedside nursing practice. It provides nursing staff the opportunity to move toward advanced levels of professional practice in the dual realms of knowledge and skills, and leadership. Trinity Health believes that by supporting clinical excellence we offer both our staff and our patients the greatest possibility of a satisfying healthcare experience.


Trinity Health is committed to preserving and improving the quality of health to the people we serve. Our mission is to excel at meeting the needs of the whole person through the provision of quality health related services.

Aim Statement:

Trinity Health believes that patient outcomes are improved when safe, quality care is delivered by a professional workforce.


  • Create an atmosphere of service excellence through the development of positive and supportive attitudes and actions among healthcare personnel who provide direct care to patients and their families.
  • Promote the development of professionalism, clinical skills, knowledge, quality improvement and leadership.
  • Promote job satisfaction by supporting professional development.
  • Promote retention and recruitment of excellent staff.

  • Levels of Professional Growth:

    Bedside nurses and nursing support staff are considered enrolled in Clinical Ladder Level One upon hire and must fulfill the Level One Standards of Practice in order to choose to progress to Level Two. Level Two Clinical Ladder focuses on the enhancement of clinical knowledge and skills, while Level Three focuses on the development of leadership qualities and skills. The Clinical Ladder Program requires that the participant meet both professional standards of practice and activity goals. Growth in the clinical ladder is progressive. Therefore, advancing in clinical ladder requires that the participant continue to meet the standards of practice for the previous level(s) while working toward those on the next level.


    The Clinical Ladder Program is a year long process promoting both professional and personal development. Please refer to the Clinical Ladder Guidelines (on the TriniNet) for information on the application process.

    Equal Opportunity Employment

    Trinity Health is committed to equal employment opportunity for all persons. It will not discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, genetic information, disability, because he or she is a protected veteran or any other legally protected status. Trinity Health is committed to utilizing employment practices that protect individuals from illegal discrimination. The responsibility for implementing these policies is upon the Human Resource Department of Trinity Health. Individuals with questions or grievances regarding Trinity Health's policies or procedures should seek assistance from the Human Resource Department. It is the policy of Trinity Health to provide Equal Employment Opportunity to all qualified disabled veterans, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans who are employees or applicants for employment.