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Sports Performance Tailors Program to Individual

Date:  August 30th, 2013

Contact/Phone:  Mary Muhlbradt
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When it comes to improving sports performance, one size doesn't fit all.
That's the idea behind a new program to be launched next month by Trinity Health Exercise Physiology.

Called APEX, short for Athletic Performance Extreme, the program is designed to help student athletes ages 12 and over raise their sport performance level by using an individualized approach to sports training.

“The protocols that we prescribe and the programming we use are not only specific to each particular sport, but also to each individual athlete,” said Russell Gust, Exercise Physiology Coordinator. “We individually assess each athlete's weaknesses and strengths and develop a program that will help each athlete improve.”

Gust said there's a tendency for athletes to see how others train and copy them.
“They see a successful athlete and assume that if they do what that person does they can win too. That idea needs to disappear. If an athlete truly want to be successful, he or she has to do what will benefit them, not what will benefit someone else.”

During the eight-week training program, athletes will train twice weekly at the YMCA, where Trinity's Exercise Physiology program is based. “We'll utilize as many areas of the Y as possible, including the gym, weight room, track and cardio equipment,” Gust noted.

The program also includes a home component that involves individualized home exercise prescriptions. “The home program will include exercises that can be done anywhere and will focus on improving muscle imbalances to reduce risk of injury,” Gust added.

Working with the students in addition to Gust will be exercise physiologists Leo Krajewski and Kyra
Brookins. Both are functional movement specialists, educated in the science of movement — how it can be maximized and strengthen to prevent breaks down movement into simplest components for purpose of strengthening maximizing performance and preventing injury. SPACE index.php