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Raghib Named Director of Women‘s and Children‘s Services

Date:  February 10th, 2014

Contact/Phone:  Mary Muhlbradt
Phone: (701)857-5116
Fax: (701)857-5683

e-mail:   Mary Muhlbradt

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Sevda Raghib, RN, BSN, has been named Director of Nursing for Women's and Children's
Services at Trinity Hospital. She'll oversee the obstetric, labor & delivery and pediatric units, along with the newborn and intensive care nurseries.

“Sevda is highly qualified, having served as nurse manager of these key areas for the past three
years,” Barbra Brown, Trinity's Chief Nursing Officer, said. “She's done an outstanding job, working closely with executive and medical leadership to improve quality, safety and patient satisfaction.”

Among Raghib's duties are to coordinate services provided by the departments, monitor patient safety and quality, and guide the implementation of evidence-based care processes.

“One of my first responsibilities will be to fill the nurse manager position,” she said. “I'll also have the opportunity to work with a new position —“ clinical nurse educator, which will focus on meeting the educational and skills needs of the Women's and Children's staff.”

A Minot native, Raghib received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and is currently working on her master's. She joined Trinity Health in 1993 as a labor
and delivery nurse and has worked in women's and children's health ever since, becoming nurse manager in 2010. “It's a pretty rewarding area,” she said, “and I like being busy.”

Last year was the busiest year to date for Trinity's birth center with 1,629 deliveries, 100 more than the previous year. “One of my goals is to continue the progress we've made to streamline services and emphasize patient satisfaction as we serve a growing population,” Raghib added. SPACE index.php