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HeartLine Helps Patients Manage Heart Failure

Date:  August 2nd, 2012

Contact/Phone:  Mary Muhlbradt
(701)857-5116, Fax: (701)857-5683

e-mail:   Mary Muhlbradt

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If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what can a daily phone call achieve?  Plenty, if you're affected by heart failure (HF). 

Heart failure accounts for the biggest share of hospital readmissions nationwide.  That's a troubling statistic for both HF patients and consumers concerned about healthcare costs.  With this in mind, Trinity Health launch a telephone remote patient monitoring system for HF patients in June called the Trinity Health HeartLine Tel-Assurance System.  The program, which has a proven track record, gives HF patients the opportunity to call or log in daily to a phone/web system that tracks their health status and helps them better manage their condition.

Studies show that daily monitoring of HF patients can improve patients' health status and keep them out of the hospital.  "What I really like about this program is that is gives people the opportunity to take ownership of their own health," said Trinity Hospitalist Alex Talebdoost, MD.  "I see HeartLine as an effective tool that will proactively support our patients and put them more in control of their health." 

Using HeartLine is a simple process.  Eligible patients call a toll-free number or log on to the internet each morning to answer a 90-second survey about their current health status.  Immediately the Tel-Assurance software evaluates their responses using evidence-based algorithms.  It then flags patients needing assistance and makes the information available to a Trinity Health nurse manager through a secure online portal.  The nurse can contact the patient's provider if necessary.  The process concludes with a brief health message. 

"We're excited about this program and what it will mean for our patients," HeartLine Coordinator Lana Brandt said.  "Our team is committed to providing an easy-to-use and effective system to monitor our HF patients and help them stay independent and out of the hospital." SPACE index.php