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Employees Honored for Years of Service

Date:  August 2nd, 2012

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One-hundred twenty-one long-term employees of Trinity Health were honored Tuesday (Feb. 21) at a service awards banquet at the Grand International in Minot.  The event recognized staff members who last year marked their 20-, 25-, 30-, 35-, 40- and 45-year anniversaries with Trinity Health.

CEO John M. Kutch thanked honorees for their years of service and notably for their efforts during last year's flood to maintain a high level of care amid patient evacuations and water quality and access issues.   Trinity Health was hailed nationally for its proactive efforts to establish a clinic and emergent care center on Minot's north hill when the swollen Mouse River divided the city in half.

"The commitment and dedication to our patients, residents and community that was demonstrated by this group during the flood last summer didn't come as a surprise to us - they've been demonstrating those characteristics for more than twenty years," Kutch noted.  "You've seen dramatic changes in healthcare over your careers, and today you're leading changes in our organization which will result in a more responsive, transformed organization," he added.

Among Tuesday's honorees were Judith Carlson and Roland Elker, both for 45 years of service, and Linda Adam, Mary Leingang and Ruth Rexine, all for 40 years.   Others honored were:

35 Years:  Candace Abelseth, Liane Anderson, Nancy Block, Renee Block, Barbara Braun, Leora Carver, Lynn English, Michael English, Holly Fegley, Kathleen Holdeman, Elaine Jundt, Mary Keller, Brenda Lokken, Dorothy Lukach, Sharon Samulenok, Mary Sander, Arlene Walhaug and Betty Werre

30 Years:  Carol Amsden-Qvale, Valerie Bibow, Dianna Bly, Bradley Bohan, Ellen Bott, Shelli Ehlke, Janice Hanson, Marla Hanson, Liz Johnson, Darlene Kato, Laureen Klein, Varden Lang, Jill Larson, Marlene Melom, Jamie Miller, Myrna Nelson, Michelle Rademacher, Carla Schieve, Ann Schommer, Candy Seney, Gil Smestad, Lerae Vangsness, Donald Weber, Jr., Patti Whitson and Pamela Wurgler.

25 Years:  Connie Behrens, Kari Berentson, Carolyn Bodell, Sandra Boschee, Lana Brandt, Mark Burckhard, Teri Dalby, Diane Evanoff, Betty Everson, Gail Filipek, Joann Flick, Teresa Gathman, Anna Herrod, Deanna Johnson, Marcell Johnson, Martha Johnson, Bonnie Kallias, Kimberly Keller, Tina Lee, Jodi Letvin, Joyce Luck, Susanna Niebuhr, Karen Nitsch, Georgette Pratt, Joan Rust, Kerstin Sand, Mary Schaefer-Seney, Kathy Somerville and Kendra Williams.

20 Years:  Tonya Anderson, Brenda Baier, Bryan Beyer, Dione Bohl, Warren Brey, Jacqueline Culver, Vanessa Dahl, Rhonda Delzer, Sara Fisk, Pamela George, Sandra Gilbertson, Jenny Glasgow, Pamela Gullickson, Deborah Haaland, Doris Heidt, Michelle Hoiby, Debbie Hornbacher Brandt, Kylene Hornberger, Linda Isakson, Rita Isakson, Kathleen Jensen, Coralee Johannes, Christopher Kelly, Mary Keyes, Susan Knock, Jennifer Kragh, Karen Kuntz, Lisa Lemer, Billie Myre, Amy Neiss, Jana Nelson, Pamela Ness, Clara Palmer, Nora Rasmussen, Patricia Redding, Dawn Rubbelke, Susan Scott, Judith Skaar, Ruth Stanley, Shelly Swearson, Kelly Thom, Christy Tranby, Darcy Voeller and Linda Vosberg. SPACE index.php