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Trinity Strengthens Breast Cancer Arsenal Ensures Every Patient has Access to 3D Mammography

Date:  June 20th, 2016

Contact/Phone:  Mary Muhlbradt
(701) 857-5116, Cell: (701) 833-3341

e-mail:   Mary Muhlbradt

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(MINOT, ND)— Trinity Health has stepped up its 3-dimensional mammography program, adding a second 3D machine at its Breast Imaging Center in Minot and installing a 3D system at Community Clinic – Western Dakota in Williston.

Dr. Scott Lewis, Medical Director of the Department of Radiology, says breast tomosynthesis (tomo), also known as 3D mammography, has proven to be a revolutionary screening and diagnostic tool to improve the early detection of breast cancer.

“Three-dimensional breast tomosynthesis is the latest technology in the field of mammography,” Dr. Lewis said. “This gives us the ability to detect breast cancer even in dense breast tissue with amazing precision. We’re now able to find and treat cancer at an earlier stage.”

The effectiveness of 3D mammography is related to the X-ray arm that sweeps over the breast, taking multiple images in seconds. The images are assembled into a 3D study of the breast, which the radiologist can view layer by layer in fine detail.

Jim Coffin, Administrative Director of Radiology and CancerCare, said that after installing its first 3D system last summer and seeing the image quality, Trinity felt strongly that all of its breast imaging patients should have access to the new technology. “We made a conscious decision to become the strongest 3D provider in the region,” Coffin said, “to become essentially all tomo, all the time.”

The second machine at Trinity’s Minot mammography center has already facilitated patient flow and scheduling, Coffin said, adding that Trinity Health has tried to keep out-of-pocket costs for patients as low as possible until the majority of insurance payors are on board with 3D mammography. SPACE index.php