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Trinity Health Designated a Top-Ranked Community Value Provider

Date:  August 30th, 2016

Contact/Phone:  Mary Muhlbradt
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Trinity Health Designated a Top-Ranked Community Value Provider
Community Value Five-Star® Hospital by Cleverley + Associates
(MINOT, ND)— Trinity Health’s acute-care hospital has been named a Community Value Five-Star® Hospital by Cleverley + Associates, a healthcare consulting firm that ranks hospitals based on the value they provide to their communities.

The Ohio-based company assigns each hospital a Community Value Index (CVI) score that takes into account several factors involving cost and quality. Trinity Health achieved a CVI score within the top 20 percent of hospitals nationwide, earning it the five-star label.

“We’re proud of this designation because it reflects our commitment to make the right decisions, both in terms of providing the best care and making the best possible use of our resources,” said John M. Kutch, President and CEO of Trinity Health. “I’m proud to work with a group of individuals who aren’t just passionate about providing high-quality care, but take seriously their responsibility as stewards of our care system.”

Cleverley + Associates created the CVI more than a decade ago to provide objective information on the value and quality of hospitals. It evaluates hospitals on a variety of measures and suggests that a hospital provides value to the community when it is:

  • Financially viable
  • Appropriately reinvesting back into the facility
  • Maintaining a low-cost structure
  • Charging a reasonable amount for services
  • Providing high-quality care to patients

The breakdown of the CVI rankings among the nation’s hospitals is contained in Cleverley + Associates’ recent publication, State of the Hospital Industry - 2016 Edition, which examines the U.S. acute-care hospital industry over a three-year period from 2012 to 2014. Trinity Health was among only four North Dakota health organizations to receive the five-star recognition. For more information, call Cleverley + Associates at 888-779-5663 or visit SPACE index.php