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Relax, and Leave the Reminders to Trinity Health

Date:  March 30th, 2016

Contact/Phone:  Mary Muhlbradt
(701) 857-5116, Cell: (701) 833-3341

e-mail:   Mary Muhlbradt

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(MINOT, ND)--With busy lifestyles and work schedules, trying to make sure you don’t miss a medical appointment can be a hassle.

With that in mind, Trinity Health has implemented an appointment reminder system to jog people’s memories electronically. Called TalkSoft, the multi-modal appointment reminder system sends strategically-timed reminders to patients via email, text message or telephone.

“Most reminders start with an email that asks you to confirm or reschedule your appointment,” explained Physician Services Director Renda L. Wilson. “If you click to confirm, we’ll know to expect you. If you click to reschedule, a local Trinity Health associate will contact you to schedule an alternative time. To avoid multiple reminders, simply respond by clicking confirm or reschedule.”

Persons who don’t respond to the email reminder, or those who don’t have email, will receive a text message or a phone call, which similarly will ask them to confirm or reschedule their appointment. The premise is that by utilizing multiple communication platforms, the system is more likely to garner a response.

Wilson says that to improve the effectiveness of the reminder system, Trinity Health has instituted a slight change in the registration process – asking patients to confirm their email address and to provide the best phone number to reach them, which, in many cases, may be a cell phone number.

“It’s important to have the best number to call. Your medical provider is a key person in your life, someone you want to have access to you regarding follow-up care, a medical alert or other important health information,” Wilson said, adding, “Electronic communication is a great way to facilitate this very important relationship.”,%20and%20Leave%20the%20Reminders%20to%20Trinity%20Health SPACE index.php