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Ratilal Jethwa, MD

Emergency Medicine

Ratilal Jethwa MD

Ratilal Jethwa, M.D., is a physician specializing in Emergency Medicine, a branch of medicine that pertains to the diagnosis of a variety of illnesses that can be treated through various interventions. He joined Trinity Health in January 1984.

Dr. Jethwa received his M.D. from the Calicut Medical College, in Calicut, South India, in 1974.

He served a Family Practice Residency in Wakefield, England, from 1977-79, and later at the Minot Center for Family Medicine.

Emergency Medicine

An emergency medicine physician receives training to care for patients with acute illnesses or injuries requiring immediate medical attention. While not providing long-term or continuing care, they diagnose a variety of illnesses and undertake various interventions to stabilize patients.

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(701) 857-5260

Located at:
Trinity Hospital
1 Burdick Expressway W
Minot, ND 58702

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