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Felistas Madziwa, MD


Felistas Madziwa MD

Felistas H. Madziwa, MD is an internist board certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Madziwa earned here medical degree from University of Zimbabwe where she received several honors for academic excellence. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine in Philadelphia and has practiced the last two years at the Internal Medicine Clinic in Fort Knox, KY. Dr. Madziwa provides diagnosis and treatment for the full range of adult illnesses as well as preventive care. She has special interests in weight management and holistic medicine. She is a member of the American College of Physicians and American Medical Association.


A physician with a primary professional focus on hospital medicine is a hospitalist. Hospitalist activities may include patient care, teaching, research, and leadership related to hospital care.

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(701) 857-5000

Located at:
Trinity Hospital
1 Burdick Expressway W
Minot, ND 58702

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