On behalf of Trinity Health, I welcome you to the Trinity CancerCare Center website. This website has been designed in order to help provide you with the most current information available in your search for cancer related therapy. It is our mission to excel at meeting the needs of the whole person through the provision of quality healthcare and health related services. It is also very important for you to know that you are not alone in this fight against cancer and we will work alongside you every step of the way.

Shane Jordan BSRT (R)(T), CMD
Trinity CancerCare Director

Trinity Health's CancerCare Center

Opening the doors to its very first patient in May 1999, the Trinity CancerCare Center continues to offer patients an integrated program of cancer treatment. World-class technology and a highly experienced staff are the touchstones of Trinity's CancerCare services. The center emphasizes a comprehensive, team approach to caring for cancer patients and their families.

The public reporting of outcomes is an avenue for Trinity Health to communicate oncology related programs offered or studied during the calendar year. This report is composed of chosen items by the Cancer Committee and can include items such as prevention and screening programs, quality improvements, accountability measures, and monitoring of compliance. This information is made directly available to the public via the Trinity Health website. The document is listed in .pdf format so it can be easily printed by anyone wishing to have this report in paper copy.

Leading Cutting Edge Technology in a Patient Friendly Atmosphere

Trinity CancerCare center provides Medical & Radiation Oncology services to patients in a single patient friendly atmosphere. This is immediately noted with a spacious front lobby highlighted by large full glass windows and a fireplace setting. New consults are assisted in their cancer care journey by a patient navigation nurse and a friendly reception team. Two Medical Oncologists, one Radiation Oncologist, and two Nurse Practitioners, along with the whole CancerCare team work together to deliver high-quality cancer care.

The Radiation Oncology team is led by the Radiation Oncologist and a department that includes:

  1. Four examination rooms to include consultations and follow up visits.
  2. A dedicated CT scanner with 4D capabilities
  3. Physics & treatment planning
  4. Two linear accelerators of various energies both equipped with multi-leaf collimators
  5. On-board imaging capabilities and 3D/IMRT/Dynamic Arc treatments
  6. Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) & Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) programs
  7. Varian single database record and verify system (ARIA)
  8. XOFT Axxent High Dose Rate (HDR) system for treatment of surface and gynecological treatments
  9. VisionRT surface mapping system to track intra-fractional motion

Functions of the radiation oncology department include patient assessment and follow up, simulation, dose planning, and radiation treatment delivery. Simulations are performed utilizing a Philips Brilliance Big Bore CT scanner equipped with Tumor Localization software. Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), Dynamic Arc (RapidArc), and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) treatment planning is done utilizing the Varian Eclipse planning system. The Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) planning is done by the BrainLab iPlan treatment planning system. These treatments are all delivered using Varian linear accelerators equipped with on-board imaging capabilities and with both photon and electron treatment capabilities. Molded cerrobend blocks are constructed as needed for photon and electron treatments. Brachytherapy treatment plans are developed and performed utilizing our XOFT Axxent HDR treatment system.

The Medical Oncology team is led by two Medical Oncologists whom also specialize in Hematology.
The medical oncology department features 10 private patient exam rooms and a spacious 18 chair infusion center complete with private infusion suites. These infusion suites offer their own flat screen television and heated massage chair. There is a patient nutrition room that is accessible to patients and families during infusion visits. Patients also have access to clinical trials through our cancer research department and our tumor registry department collects various cancer and treatment related information which is then reported to the statewide registry. This greatly benefits health professionals to understand and address different areas of cancer burden.

Trinity CancerCare nurses take pride in achieving Oncology Nursing Certification through the Oncology Nursing Society and are required to pass a Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Course as they dedicate themselves to deliver safe, effective care to our patients. Patients receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy also receive the benefit of cancer navigation and survivorship support. The Patient Navigator Nurse serves as a guide to lead patients through the myriad of tests, therapy needs, and treatments. This includes helping patients understand their individualized plan of care and utilizing resources available to overcome barriers to meeting goals. A social worker is on site to assist resource needs such as financial concerns, local accommodations, and transportation resources. Resources are also accessed through other Trinity Health personnel such as nutrition support, lymphedema support, chaplain services and partnering with the community to provide the Cancer Exercise Rehab Progam and Gentle Yoga sessions. Our Nurse Practitioner provides survivorship care as appropriate to provide for awareness and management of cancer and treatment concerns to assist the cancer patient in moving onto regular medical care.